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How it Works

To start, I invite you to schedule a free "let's meet" session with me so we can be sure that we're a good fit and to answer any question you might have.

We get up close ​& personal:

Thanks to technology, we're able to​ see and talk to each other no matter how far apart we are. If you have a smartphone or tablet, for some/all of our sessions, you'll be using it to take me into your home (using Skype, Zoom or FaceTime) so I can see what you see. Together, we'll identify areas that need attention, and bask in your success as you begin to free yourself from your stuff!

(Don't worry if you don't have the ability to video chat on a mobile device. We can find ways to work around it). 

The idea of letting someone see "what's really going on" can be a scary ​thought because it's just downright embarrassing, but it's an important step in owning and then changing what's happening. So don't get freaked out. This situation definitely doesn't define you. I'm here to help you, free of judgment because I know what's waiting on the other side of your stuff. 

We meet for 1 hour each week for a minimum of 3 months to help you keep moving and seeing progress, which is important. You'll have times when you'll feel like you've hit a lull, which is totally normal. There will be days when you struggle and that's normal too. This work is mentally challenging because you're making a lot of small (and sometimes big) decisions over and over. The important thing is to keep moving. Our weekly meetings help maintain momentum.

Your Role/My Role:

You come to our sessions with a desire for change and ready to work. I'll come prepared to dig deep and work with you to move you out of stagnation and into a place you can be proud of when we're done.

You come ready to be open and honest and I'll come prepared to support you while also bringing tough-love when needed. I'll call out bs when I see it and be honest with you in ways others probably won't. It's my job to help you move beyond where you are.

You come ready to be vulnerable and raw. I'll come prepared to give you a safe place to do that and show you that great change can come from that place. It can be hard but it will pay off beyond measure.

Be prepared to work, laugh and have fun. Some days you'll love coaching and some days you'll hate it. There will be days when you won't believe in yourself and on those days, know that I will be the person who sees you, believes in you, encourages you and knows that you are capable and that you've got great things ahead. You and me, we've got this!

Imagine a future with a home you're proud of and that you love coming home to every day. Imagine a life full of the things you love instead of stress, overwhelm, chaos, embarrassment and a mile-long list of things that never seem to get done. Imagine going to bed at night with a calm, clear mind. 

It's amazing, and I'm so excited for you to have it.  

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