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Less stuff.

More of the things that

truly matter.

When managing all of your stuff is robbing you of the time and energy you could be using to do the things you love, or when your home becomes a place of stress and overwhelm rather than an escape from it, it's time to make a change. Maybe you've tried to organize or declutter in the past but over time, it ends up looking the same as it did before. Maybe you're someone who buys things you don't need out of impulse, only to regret it later. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed, defeated, and full of guilt and shame. The good news is, you're definitely not alone and there is absolutely a way out.

You've come to the right place. Welcome!

Let me introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Jil!

I'm a wife, a mom, a certified coach, a business owner, and I know exactly how you feel.

Because I've been there too.  Actually, I'm still working to simplify and minimize my own home every day because once I realized how much peace came from getting out from under my stuff, I couldn't get enough. 

I know what it feels like to pray nobody drops by unexpectedly (we'd hide anyway), to have piles of papers and mail stacked all around, to have every horizontal surface in my home collecting stuff, and to have a closet overflowing with clothes but still feeling like I have nothing to wear. I know how it feels to read books, listen to podcasts, sign up for courses, and buy planners, containers, and systems in hopes of finally gaining some sense of control only to feel frustrated and like a failure when it didn't work. I know how crappy it feels to swing through the drive-thru again because planning dinner didn't happen.  And to top it off, I struggled with impulse buying (aka retail therapy) only adding to an already chaotic and embarrassing situation. I was stressed out and overwhelmed most of the time and always felt like I was stuck and trying to catch up. 

And then I found "practical minimalism" (also known as simplifying/minimizing) and everything changed. Practical minimalism is simply getting rid of all of the things you don't use, need or love. It's not the same as regular decluttering, which I had done many times. It's a completely different way of looking at what you have and it's far more powerful. I learned the art of "rage purging" and got rid of things that had never occurred to me to get rid of before. I'm not going to lie, there were days that it was tough, but as I got the hang of it, it got easier and easier and the peace in my life kept growing. 
What I had never realized before was that about 90% of the stress, anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm I had been feeling was a direct result of having so much crap! I had no idea that my stuff had actually been robbing the joy from my life.

Now, I can breathe. I'm able to focus on the things I need to do. I know what's for dinner every night, I know what clothes are in my closet, I've stopped impulse buying and maintaining my home isn't a struggle. I get things done every day and feel accomplished. I can go to bed and fall asleep with a peaceful mind. With each bag of stuff that leaves my house, I feel lighter and freer. Deciding to minimize and simplify my home is one of the very best things I've ever done.

Friend, I promise, if I can make these changes, you can too. It takes a shift in thinking and some hard work both physically and emotionally, but the peace and sense of calm you'll gain is more than worth it, and you’ll never look back.

I wish I had had someone to personally help me when I first started my minimizing journey, and I knew that I wanted to be that person for others who found themselves where I was. I am so excited to work with you and see how your life can change!